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is a leading MLM company, producing and distributing top-of-the-line products in the health and vitality sector. Providinghigh-quality foodsupplementsvitamins, cosmetics, healthcaredevices and home care products all over the world, CaliVita International has beenfounded over 20 years ago and is present in over 30 countries.

 CaliVita’s community is built on the premise of a healthy lifestyle, and on the prospect of financial independence. When you are able to balance your state of mind while establishing new relationships, and have a sense of financial achievement along the way, you are bound to be genuinely happy in the long term.

Belonging to the CaliVita family does not only mean you have an equal opportunity to become wealthy in the long run, but also to gain invaluable skills, such as motivating and inspiring others to think big, and consequently mastering the art of a positive mental attitude. Success breeds success, and you need to go no further than CaliVita to realize that! Over the years, CaliVita has helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve their health and to achieve freedom, as well as financial independence.

Our mission 

We work towards members of our community, which is based on collaboration and mutual respect, enjoying every moment of a Quality Life that is based on health and on financial independence.


Our vision
CaliVita International’s vision isto be the leading global company supporting a healthy lifestyle, and supplying financial freedom through its top quality products and services.


Our key to success is based on our values


We are proud of the fundamental values to which we are committed, and which we follow not only every day, but also on a long-term basis.



We continue to build a credible brand based on a safe and reliable business, high quality products, and services that earn our customers’ loyalty.



We offer our partners the possibility of an independent business that can ensure freedom of time, financial freedom and personal freedom, in order to live a creative, self-fulfilling, and healthy life.



We believe in the strength of inner motivation and support the realization of goals based on unique skills, without pressure.



We are committed to continuous development. We implement innovative solutions in terms of health solutions, personal and professional development, and business possibilities.



We acknowledge outstanding achievements and results, and make sure that these are rewarded financially.



We are strongly committed to efficient and enjoyable teamwork with those who share our values.


Equal opportunity

Our company is open to everyone who wants to achieve more in life and who is willing to do what it takes to get there. CaliVita provides everyone an equal opportunity to fulfill his or her goals and dreams


Quality service

We are devoted to serving our members and our customers in a professional manner.