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Joint Protex FORTE - Comprehensive protection of joints, bones and the cartilage at the highest level!

are you the kind of athlete which trains at weekend? Avoid exercise? Or on the contrary - have you a passive lifestyle, and most of the time you spend in front of computer or TV?
Regardless of which group you belong to, sooner or later you will probably have problems with your joints!

Statistical data show that today trouble with ponds concern not only the elderly,
but even 20-year-olds! Why?

In general, the whole week we spend at work, moving a little. And when the weekend comes, we try to catch up ... overwhelmed us fashion jogging, going to the gym, cycling and all other types of physical activity. It is of course very well. However, the practice also need to know how to wisely.
Often, unfortunately, we forget the basics - the warm-up before exercise (containing elements of stretching the joints and muscles) and regularity. Our muscles in the week, when we are not very active physically become weakened. their strength and resilience are reduced. On weekends - nervously we trying to catch up - we overload the joints, making them vulnerable to damage.
Not surprisingly, we find that more and more younger and older people can be seen in outpatient orthopedic or surgical. They have ligament injuries, tendon rupture, connective tissue disorders or joint capsule.
Additionally, people using computers for long time, especially women are exposed on injures of joints of the wrist

- 80% of Nation unduly burden the spine and joints, and does not care about maintaining the correct body posture.
- 50% of us carries too heavy objects and carry shopping in one hand / on one shoulder.
- 40% of women wear inappropriate footwear.
- 45% of people aged 18-24 years does not make regular breaks while using your computer.
- 50% of Nation overstrain the joints due to overweight and obesity.

On the other hand, with age, particularly after 50s, even in 60% degeneration occurs.

It starts usually from ignoring signals in the joints, then pain joins when standing up, climbing stairs, until we have more and more trouble getting around...

And all this can be prevented!

- Using a regular, rational physical activity,
- Minimizing the bad eating habits and overweight,
- Enriching the diet with the active ingredients Joint Protex Forte.

Joint Protex FORTE:

  •     Glucosamine - an essential component for the synthesis of collagen and other substances responsible for the strength and elasticity of articular cartilage
  •     Hyaluronic acid - present in the articular cartilage and helps maintain the proper viscosity of the synovial fluid
  •     Chondroitin sulphate -is a component of articular cartilage and cares for proper performance and durability of the joints
  •     MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - influences the stimulation of collagen synthesis, essential for the regeneration of cartilage
  •     Boswelia Serrata Extract, meadowsweet powder, turmeric extract- caring about the proper flexibility and elasticity of joints
  •     Zinc - supports bone health, protecting the body against free radicals
  •     Manganese - takes care of the proper formation of articular cartilage exhibits antioxidant properties and supports bone health

With such a set of specially chosen active ingredients in one tablet
Your joints will benefit from protection at the highest level!

Ponds are moving connection between the bones. The surfaces in contact with each bone are covered with articular cartilage and are surrounded by a joint capsule, which consists of a fibrous outer membrane and inner membrane of the synovial.
The synovial membrane secretes a thick and viscous synovial fluid, which facilitates movement in the pond, hydrating cartilage reduces friction in the joint, which prevents their rapid deformations. did you know that during each step of 70 kg walking man at a speed of 5 km / h, encumbers hips with weight of up to 320 kg?

Remember that once damaged joints are more susceptible to further dysfunction and appearing in the most unexpected moments of pain ...
So it is better to prevent than to treat or having a surgical intervention!

Joint Protex FORTE is a comprehensive set of specially selected active ingredients with a nutritional or physiological, preferably affecting the flexibility and elasticity of joints, bone health and normal formation of connective tissues including cartilage. In addition, the active ingredients of the product also have antioxidant activity and support the proper functioning of the immune system.

To whom needed the most?

  • Those who would like to provide their joints extra support and protection;
  • People which Striving to maintain the normal function of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Athletes and people who are physically active;
  • Exposed to load the joints - people performing hard physical work;
  • In order to supplement the treatment of joint injuries. within the musculoskeletal system;
  • In the period of convalescence and rehabilitation;
  • Overweight people;
  • Those leading a life poor in physical activity,;
  • For Women in menopause;
  • For The elderly;
  • For people who nourish irrationally

  • Supplementation with active ingredients of Joint Protex FORTE have positive effect on the mechanical properties and flexible joints, and thus contributes to the improvement of the locomotor system.
    To be avoided by those sensitive to sea shells. Diabetes patients and those with high cholesterol levels should consult their physicians before use. In the case of allergy to aspirin , seek your physician’s advice. It is not recommended during pregnancy and nursing.


    500mg Glucosamine Sulphate
    270mg Chondroitin Sulphate
    150mg Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
    50mg Hyaluronic Acid
    50mg Boswelia Serrata Extract (std. 25% boswelic acid)
    40mg Meadowsweet Powder
    10mg Turmeric Extract (std. 25% curcumis)
    5mg Zinc
    1mg Manganese

    Inactive ingredients:
    ACTIVE ingredients: glucosamine - This active ingredient may cause allergy or intolerance.

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