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MagneZi B6 contains the well-known and perfectly cooperating team of magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc, which we have developed for you in an easily processable form in order to provide complex and targeted support for the muscles and the nervous system.

To Whom?

  • Athletes and those under intense physical strain,
  • in the case of intense loss of liquids (e.g. perspiration),
  • in the case of significant mental pressure, during times of examinations or workplace stress,
  • those leading an intensive lifestyle,
  • in the case of an unbalanced diet (low amount of vegetables or fruits, slimming diet, vegetarianism),
  • pregnant and breastfeeding mothers,
  • those who regularly consume alcohol,
  • everyone who wishes to gain extra energy on tiring days.



Symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include:muscle cramps, eyelid twitch, tiredness, insomnia, irritability, concentration problems, cardiologic problems.

Why Choose

  • With an outstanding professional background, CaliVita has been offering its products satisfying the highest quality regulations for more than 20 years.
  • We always aspire to use natural base materials originating from the best sources.
  • During our developments, we work using better absorption, for example organic, forms.
  • We offer 100% quality guarantee for our products.
  • Our products are subject to a strict and multiple round examination procedure in order to continuously ensure excellent quality.
  • The vast majority of our dietary supplements are produced in pharmaceutical conditions in the USA.
  • The products are manufactured according to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), while continuous control and regularly scheduled audits by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are also performed. We work in close cooperation with the local licensing authorities in order to ensure that our consumers are always provided products of the highest quality.

Did you know?

One tablet of MagneZi B6 provides as much magnesium as 1 liter of milk.

that according to researchers our body, ideally, contains 25 grams of magnesium and  half of it is stored in the bones? In the case of magnesium deficiency our body uses  the stores in  bones to ensure  adequate magnesium level of our blood.


100 mg Magnesium

5 mg Vitamin B6

5 mg Zinc

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